Visual Marketing


OLD Technology will destroy your online marketing as being out of touch with today’s consumer. Responsive web content that scales to any device desktop or cellphone is a mandatory requirement for marketing real estate. Secured website is rapidly becoming a must.

      • Google gets 100 Billion searches each month
      • Facebook has 1.13 Billion daily users – 72% of all adult internet users
      • Twitter has 313 million users each month – 30% are under the age of 50
      • Pinterest has 100 million users each month – 71% are women
      • LinkedIn has 450 million users – 25% of all adult internet users

Smartphone and tablet users are already watching online video on their mobile device. Screen size on mobile devices limits text based marketing messages while video can deliver dynamic content without limitations.

It provides a virtual 24/7 visual open house for your listing – the highest quality visual image is a must. Quality video allows adding emotion to the presentation.


Ferguson Realtors has been using video for marketing since 2013. In fact, our two YouTube channels have more than 220,000 views / our HomesAndLakes domain has more than 20,000 listing views.

We upload our listing videos to numerous sites including YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter,  WellcomeMat, Knoxville MLS, Google+ and other sites.


For years the buyer’s first impression was often the “drive by” or the “open house’.  Today the buyers are busier than ever or simply in another city.  Now, the online images of the property impact on the buyer perception of the property.  It is said that the first 7 seconds convey the impression that is remembered. We enhance that presentation with the use of high dynamic range photography and full-motion walk through high definition video.  We can show the property location in relationship with schools, transportation, shopping, etc through the use of Google Earth Pro membership.

Simply put – we can provide a professional online visual presentation of your home for buyers to view 24/7.

We also provide competing Realtors with the same video [without our branding] for their use in marketing your home to their buyers. Since everything is uploaded to our video hosting portals, we can email a link to the buyer or another agent, eliminating emails with attachments.


We had a buyer referred from a Connecticut real estate member of LeadingRE who then visited the area without finding a suitable property.  Soon afterwards, we received a referral from another LeadingRE member to list and sell a home on Tellico Lake.

On the initial visit to the property, the agent said “this is exactly what the buyer was looking for”.

That same afternoon, we filmed and photographed the property, produced a video, uploaded to our video hosting account, and sent the link to the buyer’s email.  Again, that same evening, we received a request from the buyer to draft an offer to purchase the property subject to a visual inspection 3 days later.  Happy Buyer / Happy Seller

There are dozens of these stories over the last few years.  We have sold mountain tracts, lake front property, foreclosures and even lots using video marketing.

This is an expensive commitment on the part of our company and its agents but it has provided a valuable and beneficial service to our sellers.


When you list your property for sale, you are competing against other similar properties. Some might be under priced and sell within hours. Others might be overpriced and never sell. The extra effort we make to highlight your property should greatly benefit you and further shorten the time from “list” to “sold”.



Agents and Industry Leaders Say

"The experience and expertise you and your company embody are needed more today than ever before. So much has changed in recent years, but the principles of high ethics, teamwork, and mentoring others are core values that true professionals exhibit. I continue to be impressed at leadership you and the members of your team provide. We are a much better organization because of it!"
Steve Harding, Executive Vice President, Tennessee Association of Realtors,